A portmanteau. A treasure trove. A time capsule. A poetry book. A diary. A photo album. Memories. Dreams. Wishes. Hopes. An open letter to an unsuspecting public. An intimate confession to close friends. A declaration of intent. A whisper of love. A personal record. An experiment in introspection. A performance space. A political rant. A wild yawp.

Why do any of us publish our words and images online?

Come, dream with me.





Marginalia: edge identities, 2004

Is it possible to address questions of difference without recourse to notions of “identity”? What if we started talking about practice instead of identity? This paper, delivered at the inaugural Australian...



I’m a feminist and I support Wikileaks

Whenever I’ve raised the complex interactions I see around the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, I find myself mired in defending my position. If I say I support his work and that I welcome the new world where...

The trip to America…

In October, we went to the US on what Doug called the Tour de Harper. The timing was partly to make it to my cousin David’s wedding to the ever awesome Rachel and partly to get in before Harper’s plane ticket...

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When I wish upon a star

Wishlist for me… pretty things more oriental/middle eastern hanging things bubble bath, bath oils fancy food things (gluten-free, dairy-free) earrings — amber or amethyst necklace — amber or garnet bracelets...

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A gift-guide for Harper

We are planning on making birthdays and end-of-year about experiences more than about things, but we know that people will want to buy Harper presents. I figure I ought to have one spot to point people for things we’re...

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Seattle, home of grunge

Went to Seattle for a handfasting (friends of Doug’s). He took photos of the handfasting and all that jazz. I saved up my camera work for the next day when we went exploring the city and especially the Experience Music...

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