Wor­ship where you can lest life become
empty earth­en­ware or barren circus rings.
For some it’s a world of water­colour mood:
search for it, hold it fast if you find it.
Where you feel like screaming, do. Sound also
can lift into the void and echo some­where.
If you need to name it, go ahead – whether
Jesus, Buddha, The Is or God – nature’s a less demanding
deity: although easier to love, she refuses blankly
to answer the ques­tions you ask.
As someone once said, wor­ship as many
as you can, and more will appear.
Per­son­ally I’d advise against standing by lakes
with arms raised in hope: more often than not
the deity will have another appoint­ment.
To avoid pain, keep in mind that the name is only
a name; don’t expect it to appear to you in day­light.
But don’t lose hope; ignore warn­ings of what is
right and wrong: if it keeps you going, believe it.
And whatever hap­pens, don’t stand to watch
if someone else’s life is emptying quietly,
unless they spe­cific­ally ask you to.
Learn to look inside your­self – the answers
are often there, if incom­pre­hens­ible.