Today is the first day of my new two-day-a-week research assistant job (short term con­tract for three months or so). That means I’m now teaching at Mel­bourne Uni on Mondays, spending Tuesday and Wed­nesday on my thesis, Thursday and Friday as an RA at RMIT and spending the weekend working on freel­ance writing and put­ting together this pro­posal for buying this magazine I men­tioned. Pity not all of those things *pay* or I’d be laughing.

Still, it’s more money than it was.

It’s also *not* con­tent ana­lysis, which I was wor­ried it would be. It’s still fin­ance journ­alism we’re ana­lysing, but it’s rhet­or­ical ana­lysis. My task for this week is to com­pile a list of all fin­an­cial shows on TV from 1971 to today. Across Aus­tralia. Fun, huh? The coolest bit is the name of the wider research pro­ject this is part of – “Border Know­ledges: Learning across bound­aries of dif­fer­ence”. Exactly the sort of thing I want on my resume.

PS: I’m 33-and-a-third today! A third of a cen­tury! The speed of an LP! Whee!