At Easter, it has become tra­di­tional to con­verge at the Baxter Deten­tion Centre near Port Augusta in South Aus­tralia to protest against the inhu­mane man­datory deten­tion of refugees in Aus­tralia in con­tra­ven­tion of our inter­na­tional oblig­a­tions.

There were about 500 of us and as many police. We had bal­loons and kites, illegal in the mil­itary no-fly zone. The police had guns, batons and pins they used to pop our bal­loons.

We made con­tact with detainees: they saw our bal­loons, they heard our chants. We gave them hope. We were arrested and beaten and we uploaded it all straight to the Internet.

The whole world is watching. We will not give up.


^^ Freedom!


^^ Kites, banned by police…

^^ They spell: Free all refugees

^^ Brute force and ignor­ance

^^ After­noon, officer

^^ Sunset on the long road back to camp

^^ The detainees can’t see this full moon

^^ Indy­media Tent Palace