Thursday night I dropped by the Stencil Fest­ival Opening night (and wrote up a story for {ariel flux}). Friday night I dropped down to Café Quince down the road from my new place to listen to Phil Car­roll and Ernie Gruner play tunes from all over Eastern Europe, gor­geous klezmer swirling around me. Chatted with them after the show and got a CD to review, so that story will be coming soon too. Spent most of the weekend marking so I didn’t get to go to many of the stencil fest­ival events I wanted to attend (so anyone who did make it should go add a story into {ariel flux}), but man­aged to finish in time Sunday to sneak out for coffee with Matt at Atomica and then an evening of jazz at the Spanish Club as part of the Mel­bourne Jazz Fringe Fest­ival. Glor­ious, lazing in bean­bags in the dimly lit plush red sur­round­ings while dif­ferent acts played various clas­sical studies for trumpet or min­im­alist exper­i­mental genius for guitar and snare.

All in all, life is very, very good right now.