Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do!

This week’s achieve­ments: have half-finished busi­ness plan for NEIS; have done full Cost of Goods Sold for three titles; have cal­cu­lated rev­enue streams from advert­ising, cover sales, edit­orial ser­vices for custom mags and design ser­vices for custom mags; have tied these into a cash­flow spread­sheet and filled in over­head costs; freaked out at what hap­pens in March 2007 to our run­ning bal­ance if we try to do what we’d planned; moved the launch of Title 3 to April 2007 and started breathing again as the run­ning bal­ance returns to above zero; started our mar­keting action plan; approved busi­ness card designs; placed an ad on Seek for an ad sales person; inter­viewed for a web design person and learned scary things about pay as you go tax with­holding, super­an­nu­ation and work­cover for staff.

So, today. Bike wouldn’t start due to cold. Finally made it to chiro­practor having missed two weeks’ worth of appoint­ments and one physio appoint­ment, so in some measure of pain.

Got to work v. late. Set up DSL modem per­fectly using ‘server’ com­puter. Dis­covered none of the other com­puters on the net­work would talk to it. Futzed. For far too long. Finally found the single set­ting on the modem set-up page that was only doc­u­mented in the online doc­u­ment­a­tion that made it behave. Everything worked fine. 

Filled in more costs in cash­flow. Coached col­league in chat­ting to pro­spective ad sales folk.

Inter­viewed one very prom­ising ad sales guy. Had the grand joy of offering the web design job to sil­verblue. Ate pizza at work and watched Lost. Did my second assign­ment for NEIS. Sent it. Finally went home at 10.30pm by public trans­port in the freezing. 

Now tired but very sat­is­fied. And you should *see* our new com­pany logo and busi­ness cards. They are teh awe­some.