Eternal grat­itude and props to e_dan who saw fit to pur­chase Ember Swift tickets for tonight’s gig at The Corner.

The day at High Vibes was marred by shocking weather (freezing winds and pouring rain) and an impor­tune inter­rup­tion in the form of magazine work, but the evening was divine, Ember and Lyndell’s voices angelic again and yet polit­ical and powerful, exactly the kind of world I want to live in, where my revolu­tion is one I can def­in­itely dance to. The final instru­mental, Phoebe’s Song for peace, was, as always, just incred­ible. Lyndell’s violin and bowed guitar is mind-blowing. I’m dev­ast­ated that they won’t be at Wood­ford and don’t think they’ll be back till 2008, if only because Doug won’t get to see them.

I gave Ember our left-over Mon­tréal metro tickets which she thought was deeply amusing and fab­ulous. I’m very glad they’re going to good use. It’s so funny that I just missed these guys in Canada, after so many years of telling them I’d see them soon over there.

Home to an e-mail from someone about Evaldas, the gor­geous Lithuanian I met at the forest fest­ival in 2003 . Intriguing… will respond when I’ve thought more about that one. Hi though, if you’re reading, Julija.