After severe birth pangs, 11°south has arrived. You can visit our new travel mag online at http://​www​.11de​grees​.com​.au… or pick it up in print from air­ports and back­packers as soon as we get dis­tri­bu­tion sorted out. Mag­na­tion in Eliza­beth St, Mel­bourne will carry it too.[1]

To help us impress the advert­isers, feel free to click on the web banner ads as many times as you like. And three cheers to sil­verblue for get­ting it looking so amazing. There are a few things still not quite working as we’d like (the maps couldn’t be updated till it was live, so that’s being done today) but oth­er­wise it’s awe­some.

Oh and anyone who wants a cheap car rental deal and wants to help us over the next few weeks: rent from Hertz and quote PC 996380. You’ll get 3 days for the price of 2, they’ll know you saw it in 11°south and they’ll advertise with us again.

Ack, I feel like I’m seling out. Maybe that’s because I am. But it’s a really nice travel magazine and we made it ourselves! Theres no advertorial at all and everything’s eth­ical and above board.

[1] We have around 20,000 copies sit­ting down­stairs but because of audit require­ments I can’t just hand them out to people (although you can take a bundle of 35 and sign for them if you really want).