I feel like I’m in the home stretch now. I haven’t quite said goodbye to Mel­bourne yet, but the rounds are starting.

Friday was an intimate party at my place, excel­lent people, the best going-away present ever and a world-record attempt for number of people in my bathtub at the same time (five). The present was from anthonybaxter and it’s a superb rep­lica pass­port for Jezebel, com­plete with cat photo. He said he’d send me the digital file so I can post the inside cover here (*prod, prod*). 

Fin­ished up around 4am and it seems everyone had a great time.

The next day, post-recovery brunch, I dragged Josh and Amy, my new ten­ants from Port­land, out to the Danden­ongs. We went for a lovely walk in the forest and then ended up at raven_’s for cheese and wine by candle light for Earth Hour.

Out again to Angel Circus where I caught up with, iron­ic­ally, exactly the crowd who weren’t able to make it to the party. Across the road was a full moon hippie event at playspace and I ended the night stretching to chants.

Today, the peace rally, a won­derful, col­orful parade of Nuc­lear Fools (see the radio­active roo on the right). Man­aged to catch up with most of the polit­ical folk who I always see at ral­lies, had a lovely time loun­ging in the sun with crystal_storm and a new friend from New Zea­land, listening to music, and then other new friends, bottleo­fred and running_snail turned up and mas­sages started. They told me about a spa and sauna night at Colling­wood Leisure Centre, so I’ve just come back from three hours of hot tubs and sauna and mas­sage. Divine. Relaxing.

I’m almost packed. Many loose ends to tie up, but this is def­in­itely the way to leave a country!