I have just sold Als­vidir to subtle_eye (may you both scoot well) and Serendipity is in the shop having a ser­vice. A note for those who don’t know already: Serendipity will be avail­able for bor­rowing in the Mel­bourne area and for longer-haul trips. She has a bed in the back for sleeping on, an esky inside for storing food and a large water con­tainer. crystal_storm will be the holder of the keys. Bor­rowing fee will be a pro­por­tion of ser­vice fee and rego. Please borrow her and keep her run­ning well!

I have been wan­dering West­garth this evening, saying farewell in odd ways. The cinema struck me espe­cially: if I don’t go and see a film between now and Monday, that could be it. I had lunch with Matt at Babka. Another “last time”. And I real­ized that we’ve prob­ably had our last movie at Nova fol­lowed by dinner and red wine at Ti Amo, espe­cially since he’s going to New York in September. It’s not a tragedy: we’ve had an amazing time, this city and I, in my varied states of single­ness and coupled­ness, in my times with good friends and great lovers. And now it’s over. Even if I come back here, chances are everything will have changed, me included. In fact, if it hasn’t, some­thing will be wrong.

I feel detached from it in many ways, like I’m on a con­veyor belt. The phrase that keeps recur­ring to me is: I slip through this world, a wrig­gling fish.

Mean­while – and I rarely do this, so believe me when I say this one’s good – have a video: