Experience Music Project

Went to Seattle for a hand­fasting (friends of Doug’s). He took photos of the hand­fasting and all that jazz. I saved up my camera work for the next day when we went exploring the city and espe­cially the Exper­i­ence Music Pro­ject, which I’d first written about when it opened and had com­pletely for­gotten was in Seattle.

The curved lines of Gehry’s work are the same as Bilbao’s Getty but with the added riot of colour and intensity of tex­ture. My first exper­i­ence of it was trav­el­ling through it on the mono­rail. What a won­derful shock to the system.

And then inside, it’s a cor­nu­copia of inform­a­tion about music and musi­cians, but I could have handled more samples of musical styles.

More images behind the cut.

Experience Music ProjectExperience Music Project

Experience Music Project

The crazy window. There’s a bear in there?

Experience Music ProjectSF Museum

SF Museum

These last two shots are of the other side, the Sci­ence Fic­tion Museum…

My man

^^ A rugged-up Doug