There are bad things about insta-families – like being so stressed that you forget all about the cool Writers With Drinks magazine tribute that 

invites you to the day after she invites you (sorry, I sooo wanted to go to that) – but there are good things about it too.

Tonight, standing on our bal­cony with Doug barbe­queing chicken skewers (free-range organic, of course) and me having just made potato salad, I looked back into the house. The kids had music streaming to our speakers that I actu­ally kinda like[1], Tina was dyeing Cassie’s hair (black cherry; it looks awe­some) and AJ was lying on his belly in the middle of the living room drawing dif­ferent tags in bright colors on art paper.

Tina some­times says we have this crazy situ­ation where it’s like someone took one man, one woman and one kid and said, “Here. Be a family.” and that’s pretty chal­len­ging. There are times like this though, where I look at it and think, “How amazing. Just over a year ago, we were both single. And now look at us. Look at this.” I told Doug that and he smiled and told me he loved me and that I should blog it so that all my friends know that if your new beau has kids, you never know how sud­denly life might turn around so that they’re yours too.

Another thing about the week I turned 17: leg­ally, I was able to drive from that week if I passed the test. I ima­gine I took the test that week. I’d been learning since I was allowed to at 16 and nine months and Mum had loaned me her 1978 yellow Corolla. I have no idea who I was seeing at that point… I don’t have a clear memory at all of my 17th birthday party. Mum? Do you remember?

[1] They’re into the new country stuff like Little Big Town’s Boon­docks, inter­esting covers and mash-ups like Alien Ant Farm’s cover of Smooth Crim­inal or the Federation’s cover of “I wear my sunglasses at night“[2] and a little bit of R&B.
[2] And didn’t that just lead me into an inter­esting explor­a­tion of Bay Area hip-hop!