The next day’s ride back got a slow start but once we were on the road, we had good con­ver­sa­tions.

I found it odd to be in a vehicle with people cas­u­ally talking about “Barlow” (John Perry) and his two naked 19-year-old nubile young things in his RV at Burning Man and about John Gilmore and Ray Kur­z­weil (Cath­erine was a research ana­lyst for him), who they know as friends and not icons of the digerati in the way I have.

I find myself feeling a little strange again, a little fish in such a big pond. Do I have to think of this as schmoozing, as net­working, as making friends? Do I want to be in this Sil­icon Valley net­work of hugely intel­li­gent people or do I want to work in other ways, cre­ating altern­ative futures in sus­tain­able ways? Are the two things mutu­ally exclusive? Later, I think. Later I will untangle these threads. For now, it is enough that I am heading back to my love and we have a thou­sand things to do before we can make it home.