Advice to the wise: do not attempt to move house, start a hon­ey­moon, finish an art­icle, do your taxes, organize a wed­ding in a dif­ferent country and pack for moving to that country all during the same week while you’re pre-menstrual. If you insist on doing so, please make sure you have a Doug on hand for when the crying jag hits its second hour. Also be aware that your responses to things like your ten­ants telling you they are moving out a month earlier than hoped will be less rational than desired.

This is our last day at the lovely Board­walk Apart­ments. I will not miss the “little boxes on the hill­side” same­ness of the apart­ment blocks here but I will miss the water and the agap­anthus and the ducks out the window over break­fast, and dinner on the bal­cony in the fading sun­light watching the geese fly over, and watching swift brown squir­rels race up trees. I’ll miss the chip­munks and other cute life when I leave America.

We leave for Peru tomorrow morning at 8am. Doug is taking the modem back to the cable store now and I will only have sporadic access for the next two weeks. After that, we’ll be at Doug’s sister’s for a little. Those of you with my US cell number, it will still work for the next two months but the home number is gone as of today. 

I am still sur­rounded by boxes and debris. Many of you know how much I resist change and that my usual panic at dis­or­gan­iz­a­tion would have been in over­drive. I’m doing a little better now but I must get back to it.

I doubt I’ll ever get to these, but have some notes towards future entries: one, in which your author dis­cusses Jack Goldsmith’s testi­mony about secret memos and the Ash­croft débâcle, rendi­tion, tor­ture and what it means to be an Amer­ican today; two, the upcoming film Rendi­tion and what it says about freedom of speech as a paper tiger but one we cannot live without; three, the ethics of Jewish respons­ib­ility and your author’s chal­lenges as a sec­ular polit­ical act­ivist brought up Jewish while reading Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ To Heal a Frac­tured World.

I’m sure there will be updates from the road but in case there aren’t, have fun, y’all and catch you on the flip­side!