Back in Cuper­tino… We just did 26 states in 30 days and it was just a tad insane.

I guess I was over­come by elec­tion fever in Austin. The next day in Austin was great, late morning cud­dling listening to the rain fall on the roof, drag­ging ourselves out around 1ish for break­fast and get­ting a call­back from Sandy Stone saying she’d love to meet up for coffee or some­thing, so we all head to a place called Omelettry for fab­ulous omelettes, superb con­ver­sa­tion and catch-ups.

From there, we planned to drive to Santa Fe, but a freak snowstorm halfway up I-10 put us behind schedule, so we decided to head straight for Palm Springs instead. A quick check of the map and we saw that Tomb­stone was only a few miles off the road. We stopped there for a cool but bizarre after­noon filled with whiskey at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon and re-enactors in the street.

Stopped in Phoenix, Ari­zona to have a meal with another friend of Doug’s. Finally made it to Palm Springs (there’s a lot of empty in the middle of this country). Met Doug’s ex-bf, Randy, who is abso­lutely fab­ulous, had the most amazing dinner at a Thai res­taurant, talked about Randy’s cur­rent pro­jects (I will be writing some great art­icles soon), watched his hum­ming­birds. Next morning I inter­viewed Randy offi­cially on tape and then we headed out to a great Jewish deli for deli­cious latkes and sand­wiches.

Reluct­antly dragged ourselves away from his delightful com­pany. Headed for Fresno to see Doug’s daughter and then back to Doug’s sister’s place.

So. Glad. To. Be. Done. 

We had an incred­ible, incred­ible time but we’re both pleased to be stable for a little. Now there’s a whole lot of organ­iz­a­tion and then we’re on a plane next Friday heading for Mel­bourne.