Spent today in Yel­low­stone National Park. Mostly it was closed – we missed it by a couple of days, as it closed for the season November 5. Apo­lo­gies to all in Seattle we failed to see (espe­cially

: I was really hoping to say bye before we left the country) but I came down with an awful cold in Olympia and spent four days on 

s sofa.

We saw a bald eagle, stayed at Chico Hot Springs, saw bison and elk and muledeer and a coyote and we heard a pack of wolves howling the sun down. We saw – and smelled – min­eral hot springs and the mul­ti­colored travertine years of flow have cre­ated.

Sunset was glor­ious: oranges and tan­ger­ines glowing on the under­side of beau­tiful clouds. I love the way the trees here are out­lined sharp against the sky.

Such alien land­scapes

Elk at rest

Mam­moth Springs

Rosanne’s first snow in about 15 years

Trees at sunset