This last week is kinda crazy. There are people we’d love to say goodbye to in person but can’t for one reason or another – 

is booked up, 

is in New York, 

is in Patagonia. 

We had a fab­ulous dinner with 

and Lars last night at a sweet Cuban place in Palo Alto called La Bode­guita del Medio which was divine. We really will miss those two a lot. 

Sunday we went to see Bee Movie for a break – it was great! – and then came home and had a family dinner and played Scrabble with Doug’s sister.

Sat­urday we went out to the De Anza plan­et­arium to watch a laser show accom­pa­nying Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album. that was fab­ulous: a real blast from the past. I’d for­gotten how good it is and the laser show was incred­ible. Even better though were the times when they just let the stars and nebula-scapes slide across the ceiling while those songs softened in between wails and the sound of money clinking. “All that you are… and all that you feel…” There was an amazing moment in con­junc­tion with the ‘lun­atic is in my head’ where the entire hemi­sphere of the ceiling turned to veins and sud­denly we were flying through a brain­scape. If you live any­where nearby, it really is worth the $9.

Only two nights left and we’re gone. Eep.