Finally emerged from our mar­ital bed this after­noon and made duck-egg omelette with smoked trout and avo­cado and parmesan. Mmmm.

The wed­ding was won­derful, rain included, although I’m dis­ap­pointed with the way the tech­no­logy failed to func­tion. Espe­cial apo­lo­gies to poor 

who pre­sum­ably dragged her­self out of bed at 4am to find no one on the other end. I tried to con­nect about four times but we never had a high enough signal strength to make it work. What’s worse, it looks like the video didn’t work either. If any one else got video, could they please digitise it and send me a DVD? I will then upload it and tell everyone where to get hold of it.

I will gush at a later point about how won­derful it all was when I’m less brain-mushed and go back to snug­gling my man.