Back from a weekend of fab­ulous con­ver­sa­tions with 


and a fun night’s dan­cing with 

. Listened to an inter­esting talk by 

, although it was a bit of the usual for me and I’m looking for more these days. Mind you, it was that talk that kick-started the awe­some con­ver­sa­tion with Sarah and Cam about polit­ical change and tem­porary autonomous zones, so go Mark.

The music was okay but not con­sistent. The chill space music was great but it was so loud it was impossible to chill there. Robert Henke (aka Mono­lake) was why we were there: he’s now involved with my old friend Justine who I’ve known since high school. His exper­i­mental set before the opening cere­mony was utterly awe­some (and appar­ently he’s doing the same set at the Mel­bourne Plan­et­arium next Sat­urday and at the NSW Art Gal­lery some­time soon, so if they’re not sold out, go check it out). His 2am set had tech­nical dif­fi­culties that looked very frus­trating and it started late because of them but what I even­tu­ally heard was good. Appar­ently the last 20 minutes were great but by then I’d gone to bed. I caught up with Justine’s ex, Ben and his new partner, Patch, who, coin­cid­ent­ally, I’d ini­tially met through Justine’s ex-housemate Shabnum (man, what a twisted full circle). That was also lovely. I hung out in the chai tent with various people, including 


and Hannie at various times.

The opening cere­mony was good and has inspired my first poem in forever, so that’s an extra bonus. Now home and feeling very comfy and settled after a bath and a mas­sage. I really love