It’s true! We’re also selling things, but some things just have to go.

The little blue apart­ment will be having a clear­ance sale on Sat­urday, Feb­ruary 9. We’ll be selling a futon bed (base and mat­tress, queen-sized), a reg­ular mat­tress (queen-sized, a year and a half old), book­shelves, pots and pans, some clothes, cush­ions and who knows what else. There will prob­ably be knick-knacks. There may even be re-gifting. We’re giving away a washing machine (it’s Jack’s but we have per­mis­sion) and we’ll hap­pily take early bids for any of this stuff on the pro­viso you come and take it away as soon as you pos­sibly can [1]. The unem­ployed and single par­ents may enjoy pep­per­corn price tags! 

I’d love to say pro­ceeds will be going to charity, but I’m afraid they’ll be replen­ishing the empty cof­fers after ship­ping all the beau­tiful stuff Doug and I bought from the States. It’s mostly my old stuff that’s going.

Come one, come all. Address e-mailed on request.

[1] We want office space back!! If you’ve ever tried fit­ting two two-bedroom apart­ments into one two-bedroom apart­ment, you might have an idea of what we’re going through.