Two years ago, 

  arrived on my door­step with his suit­case.

At the time I wrote this:

Sunday was an extra spe­cial day for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this kind of intense phys­ical and spir­itual con­nec­tion with someone, brief as it was.

  was here from mid-afternoon until he flew back to San Fran­cisco this morning…

We walked down to the stone spiral and walked it, sep­ar­ately, for Sam­hain, then walked up to West­garth and to Denn for dinner. Back home and it was one of those nights, dis­cus­sions and intimacy ran­ging across crazy land­scapes. It ended at about 5 this morning in my fab­ulous huge bath tub drinking scotch and eating organic orange chocolate…

What a per­fect way to start the year. What a per­fect way to warm my new home, first the house­warming and then this uisge beatha of a man ending the drought (and it’s been a long time between drinks). I asked the uni­verse to let love into my home and my heart and it brings me this! 

There was more, but that’s private. I hon­estly thought it was going to be a lovely one-nighter and nothing more. I even titled the post “Ships in the Night”. Anyway, happy anniversary, my darling. Thank you for knocking on my door. Thank you even more for ringing me when you got home and inviting me over to your place too. I love you.