Just had an intense and mean­dering con­ver­sa­tion with Doug that started with the US gun laws (due to the recent Supreme Court decision) and ranged to changes in styles of female viol­ence due to fem­inism, rights cul­tures versus duty cul­tures, building respect in rela­tion­ships, and the fact that gun-related deaths in the US have only just over­taken motor vehicle deaths per annum, which led to dis­cus­sions of peak oil and finally some­where in there to the idea that we need to teach the next gen­er­a­tion both how to have respectful rela­tion­ships all the while teaching them about self-respect so that they can talk down the pre­vious gen­er­a­tion so they don’t get beaten to a pulp by someone run­ning around bashing random strangers with bricks.

I treasure having con­ver­sa­tions like this.

Which reminds me: I’d just like to flag the idea of an American-themed 2008 US Elec­tion Night Party at our place. For us, that means Wed­nesday November 5. Polls will prob­ably close around lunch­time our time, but there’ll still be lots of inter­esting stuff going on at 5pm our time, methinks. And it’s the day before Doug’s birthday, so it’ll be a com­bined thing. Waaay ahead of time organ­ising.