The last of our inter­na­tional and inter­state vis­itors has departed. We did many won­drous and exciting things with them, from listening to melodious sax­o­phone (

s partner is a sax­o­phone genius) to my first visit to Heales­ville sanc­tuary (in the pouring rain; got sick) to my first trip fur­ther down the Great Ocean Rd than Lorne (with


, saw the Twelve Apostles, saw walla­bies, saw more koalas in the wild than I’ve ever seen before, dis­covered an awe­some camp­ground for future hol­iday stays with Harper). We also had late night films and hot chocol­ates in old favourite cafes (Pelligrini’s and the Potter, with Matt), ate amazing Aussie foods (wallaby and cro­codile and emu at Tjanabi, and pavlova at Green Refectory with 


) and went to the art deco exhib­i­tion at the NGV (with


It’s been about eight weeks all together. Somehow, the three inter­na­tional vis­itors who all had a month in Aus­tralia man­aged to leave and enter town in such a way that they nev­er­ac­tu­ally over­lapped (Matt went to Port Douglas for a week or so, Christina and Niels went to New Zea­land and Sydney for a week or so, and Sylvan and Gregory went to Bris­bane and Maleny for a week). If I recall cor­rectly, Matt left town lit­er­ally the day Christina came back and Christina left town a week later lit­er­ally the day before Sylvan and Gregory came back. It was quite sur­really coördin­ated.

I’m looking for­ward to having some time to myse… No, wait, we have a weekend away at 

s this weekend and *then* maybe I can get on with the nesting and throwing things away that has to happen soon!