I don’t have time to write my own entry right now (too busy marking) but instead I’ll point you at anthonybaxter  and crazyjane13  for excel­lent ana­lyses of both the Amer­ican “I can’t believe it’s not socialism” $700 bil­lion bail out and the Cath­olic “What laws? I don’t see no steenkin’ laws” response to the abor­tion leg­al­isa­tion issues.

When you’re done being out­raged by it all, go watch the trailer for Repo: A Genetic Opera, star­ring Anthony Stewart Head (yes, that one), Paris Hilton (yes, that one) and Nivek Ogre (from Skinny Puppy), because the world just isn’t weird enough. You have dr_nic  to thank for that one.