While I wait in between inter­min­able reloads on this silly web-based CMS, let me regale you with a tale!

journey2master  and I flew up to Sydney on Friday night as it has been 20 whole years since I left high school. Strange but true.

Unbe­knownst to us, there was a huge elec­trical storm raging in Sydney town and so our plane was delayed for a while. We filled in the time chat­ting with thorfinn  who was coin­cid­ent­ally on the same plane. Finally they opened up one runway in Sydney, and all of the planes that had been waiting took off with 10 minutes each between them, aiming to beat the curfew into Sydney. We arrived in Sydney only an hour late, aided by 75kmh tail-winds (we’d left an hour and a half late). Mum was already circ­ling the air­port waiting to pick us up.

We went to the bag­gage claim carousel and lo! The number of our flight appeared on a carousel. But no bag­gage emerged. After a long time, I went and sat down and did some marking while Doug waited. Even­tu­ally, there was an announce­ment that all flights from Mel­bourne, including can­celled flights to Mel­bourne, would be on carousel 3, all for Adelaide on 2, Bris­bane on 1 etc. What a night­mare! Told Mum to go park some­where. At a quarter to one in the morning, we finally got our bags, almost three *hours* after we were sup­posed to land.

Next day, Mum, Doug and I trooped off, some­what exhausted, to the Walk Against Warming March. That was quite good. Bumped into murphus  and chatted, which was ter­rific.

The school reunion that night was actu­ally superb. Doug went out and caught up with anthonybaxter , because it was a “no part­ners allowed” event. There were many, many women I really enjoyed catching up with, many more preg­nant women than I expected, and the food was just fant­astic – they’d gone to enormous effort to cater to my food restric­tions, event to the point of making me a samosa out of chickpea flour and having gluten-free dark chocolate thingies for dessert. I even net­worked a little… one of my former class­mates is now a human rights lawyer working with a big human rights organ­isa­tion and we had a good chat about some future pro­jects with her cur­rent work­place.

Sunday, Doug and I went to Glebe Fair and dis­covered some awe­some new sources for all-natural baby clothes and other stuff (must send out notes to everyone soon about gifts – we love the fact that people are starting to gve us things, but we’re embar­rassed about wanting to give back the poly­ester things, and the PVC things and the things Doug is allergic to). Then we had a big picnic near the water with family and friends, dinner with the sister that couldn’t make it to the picnic and then plane home.

Exhausted, we slept in the van, because every item of fur­niture we own is cur­rently in the kit­chen so the floors can be done. Monday, the carpet puller-upperer came and pulled up the carpet, then the concrete-leveller came and lev­elled the con­crete. Slept at fizit’s. Today, the floorboard-layer was sup­posed to come and lay the floor­boards but he was sick! So we have an extra, unplanned night either staying with the lovely fizit , assuming she doesn’t kick us out… or sleeping in the van.