… to borrow a phrase from crystal_storm.

Today was my last day of work. As of now, I’m not gain­fully employed… And I have no idea when I might want to work again. It’s all a little odd.

It started out with break­fast with two work friends who I reg­u­larly see on the bus (I had mush­room and gruyère omelette, mmm). 

Then I did a small amount of work, checked a fix from last night that had worked except for one teensy issue, put in a tech ser­vice call, did a bit more work (and man­aged to finish the last of the update requests!), got a call from a tech about midday trying to figure out what I needed and then, in 15 minutes flat, he man­aged to fix the issue. I asked if it was okay to send him some extra user IDs to add to the htpass­word file because some people had been having prob­lems with access; he said, sure.

I went to lunch. The work end-of-year lunch. At Masani, on Drum­mond St. Let’s just say it was five courses (appet­iser, anti­pasto, primi, secundi, dolce) and divine. I’m not sure whether the asparagus with truffles was the high­light, or the roasted duck­ling in cherry sauce or the turkish delight sorbet with summer ber­ries. The anti­pasto was pretty amazing too: roasted baby pigeon and crab and palm hearts. I’m sure it was even more amazing for the people who had wine with theirs.

My super­visor gave me a gift on behalf of everyone: a little all-in-one suit for Harper that says “Get up, Stand Up” in rasta col­ours and a T-shirt for Harper that says “I’ll stop screaming when you sort out the planet”, both in fairtrade organic cotton (bought from the shop on Nich­olson St that someone men­tioned on my last post about this). Utterly awe­some!

Four and a half hours later, I waddled back to work. To a mes­sage from the tech guy saying he’d added all those users and could I just give him a call after I check it’s working. I did. It was. At 4.59pm, on my last day, I sent out the mes­sage to the five depart­ment man­agers telling them that, mira­cu­lously, the pro­ject was live and func­tioning. By the skin of my teeth. I hon­estly thought I was going to have to hand that over to someone.

Doug called to tell me he had (painstak­ingly, via public trans­port, poor love) trekked out to Port Mel­bourne for me and retrieved the belly cast kit from the courier depot where it had ended up (they *claim* they tried to deliver it yes­terday… but we think they are lying through their teeth). But yay! That means the plans for Sunday’s belly cast party are all go.

Then I toddled off to the farewell bash for Jenny Lee, my old boss at the School of Cul­ture and Com­mu­nic­a­tion who is accepting one of those­vol­un­tary redund­an­cies the Arts fac­ulty is handing out. The room was filled with old stu­dents of mine (*wave*) and with good friends: paracelsus , and p_cat , and matcha_pocky . I chatted for as long as I could but I knew I couldn’t stay long because horngirl  was coming over to dis­cuss housesit­ting.

journey2master  went to bed, exhausted, I ended the evening relaxing in a bath and chat­ting with crystal_storm  about life, the uni­verse and everything. 

An intense, full day. But a really won­derful one.

I fin­ished my pro­ject! And I’m now a woman of leisure! Well, until the baby is born… that’s when the real work starts!