I prom­ised blithespirit  I would post this poem I wrote in 2003 in response to a ques­tion from frou_frou …

Why not?

It’s like this body
is a new pro­gram,
and the way I see it,
first thing you do,
check out all the menus,
flip through the manual
(read it later, just-in-time,
when some­thing doesn’t
quite work out the way
it ought to) anyway
it’s as though preg­nancy
was a greyed-out option
for those first 14 years
and ever since it’s flashed on
as avail­able, I’ve been itching
to test it out, see what
that new fea­ture does,
how it’ll tweak the exper­i­ence,
what’s actu­ally in the dia­logue
boxes: are there defaults? is my
ver­sion exactly the same as the
pic­tures in the book? anyway,
no matter how many times
you read about how it’s sup­posed
to go, actu­ally doing it, well,
whole new world, right?
just ignore the warning that says:
you know, don’t you, that
selecting this option, there is
abso­lutely No Undo, this
oper­a­tion cannot be reversed,
do you really, really want to
go ahead? Yes? No? Cancel?