I was thrilled to find out about this pledge by being named in Rachel Chalmer’s post. She is def­in­itely one of the geeky grrls who inspired me in the early days, when we were the dif­fi­cult, smart women in com­puter journ­alism in Sydney before the Internet was a big deal. And of course, Rosie X, who even made Geek­grrl T-shirts (I still have mine).

I think one of my geek heroes would have to be Ros­alind Franklin, who even today is under-celebrated. I also have to name my won­derful friends with their sci­ence PhDs who inspire me daily: Dr Christina Flann, sys­temic tax­onomist, run­ning a world­wide pro­ject cata­loguing daisies; Dr Krystal Evans, working in York on mal­aria; Dr Lizz Kopecny, working on HIV epi­demi­ology; Dr Hilary Hoare, working on immun­o­logy; Kate Conroy, working on her cog­nitive sci­ence PhD con­cerning memory; Bonnie Alex­ander, working towards her neuro­psych PhD. I’m sure there are others. I love you all.

Also, Sandy Stone, who inspired me to write theory again and who com­plic­ates this by chal­len­ging the cat­egory “women”. Here’s to a future where it’s no longer rel­evant.