I rang the Merri Creek Man­age­ment Com­mittee to enquire about planting a tree for Harper near the labyrinth and was told there are plans for that area and that the labyrinth is “not an offi­cial struc­ture”. I expressed my sur­prise and noted that many pagan groups, including ourselves, use the labyrinth on a reg­ular basis. The guy I was talking with asked whether the council knew that and sug­gested he’d pass my number along to the guy who’s hand­ling the plans. (He did say they had no problem in prin­ciple with us planting a com­mem­or­ative tree and they’d just like to meet me on site to dis­cuss its pos­i­tioning…)

Shortly after­wards, coin­cid­ent­ally, subtle_eye  texted me saying there were earth­works near the labyrinth and I might want to check them out before Harper’s naming cere­mony.

I walked down there today and they’ve removed all the enormous fennel that was in front of the labyrinth (yay) but they’ve also lev­elled the mounds that were shielding the labyrinth from the path and removed *all* the rocks, big and small (including that huge one I sat on to do the belly cast). The whole labyrinth is now in clear view of any pass­ersby. Of the little grove next to the labyrinth, only two trees are still standing.

If you are someone who uses the labyrinth or cares for it, you might want to write a letter to the council or phone them so they know it’s valu­able to the com­munity. If you know someone who does (I know people who aren’t our friends reg­u­larly weed it…) please let them know. I’m going to call back the Man­age­ment Com­mittee tomorrow.