And finally, a few pic­tures from the naming cere­mony on Friday, first one by me, the rest taken by persephone20 (turns out there was enough detail to zoom in on for web pur­poses after all! Thank you for taking these at short notice!).

Doug and Harper walk the labyrinth; Jack looks on.

Doug and Harper walk the labyrinth

Ros­anne and Doug in the centre of the labyrinth with Jack to the left.

Doug, me and Jack before the ceremony

Reading out a poem.

Circle at the naming

Um, Mum? Why is that knife in your teeth? What are you trying to do to me? (I’m fastening the amber neck­lace we gave her around her neck while holding a goblet of mead… I had to put the athame *some­where*!)

Rosanne, Doug and Harper, a knife and some mead