In October, we went to the US on what Doug called the Tour de Harper. The timing was partly to make it to my cousin David’s wed­ding to the ever awe­some Rachel and partly to get in before Harper’s plane ticket actu­ally cost money. We ended up on nine planes in 30 days (enough that Harper soon learned the sign for plane and started making that sign — thank­fully accom­panied by happy smiles — every time she saw us packing suit­cases).

The high­lights of the trip were my cousin’s wed­ding (a beau­tiful, beau­tiful wed­ding, fant­astic food and my gor­geous daughter dan­cing to music on the stage with anyone who would take her there); watching Harper bond with her niece (who is two months older than her); a day-trip across the Puget Sound on the ferry (I’m such a Grey’s Ana­tomy fan) and lunch at a gor­geous little café on Bain­bridge Island by myself; dinner at Gor­geous George’s (oh my stars, the lamb… mmmmmmmm) fol­lowed by amazing, sexy, delightful circus at Ver­satile Arts, run by my friend Bev; watching Harper with her Aunt Linda and Uncle Michael and seeing her dressed for Hal­loween; watching Harper play with Laurel and Annika, the chil­dren of our US friends.

There are so many pic­tures — cur­rently on my Face­book (I’m once again having thoughts about how I manage all my blogs and so on and I think I may need to set aside some of this time while I’m between con­tracts to con­sol­idate and re-import various things into various places… and prob­ably update the themes here, again).

Anyhow, that’s the per­sonal musing…