It is a lynchpin of my life
Out­sider on the inside
Yet I slide under radar
Designed to trap my fellow
Queers, gender­freaks,
Col­on­ised souls.

I infilt­rate priv­ileged spaces
with my passing.
I come out over and over
Dis­comfit the com­fort­able

I may look white
But my Jewish her­itage
Shares the pain of the slaves
Shares the anguish of the refugee
Shares the fear of the hunted

I may be a parent, seem straight
But my love is bound­less
Shares the furt­ive­ness of the beat
Shares the frus­tra­tion of the assump­tion
Shares the fury at the closet

I may walk, talk
But my dis­ab­il­ities are invis­ible
Share the lack of spoons
Share the mental anguish
Share the daily pain

It is a respons­ib­ility.
I pass.