Thresholds have never been what you’d call safe
And over the years, the rituals have gotten silly
(after all, the phrase ‘swept off her feet’ only make sense
Where a cer­tain kind of force is called a ‘bridal carry’).

And love (well, trust) creaks open old wood with or without
Oil. You thought this was going to be a romance?
A little too much exper­i­ence here for that —
You have to know where to knock to find the hol­lows.

As for this old portal, well: There’s even a little scroll
at an angle in a small metal box on the lintel as a ward;
Char­ac­ters in Hebrew invoking prayers the owner of the house
Has long since for­gotten and had no faith in to begin with.

Nev­er­the­less, the way your heart sagged off its hinges
Was unex­pected. The wrecked paint and warp and waste…
The smashed lock. I think, in my haste, I forgot:
Thresholds have never been what you’d call safe.