Step out with me — the rocks and the waves are calling
and I have some­thing to show you. Step out with me —
the ocean is singing to me, songs of spiral shells, seahorses,
anemones and brine. Step out — you’re safe with me.
It’s almost mid­summer, I know, but you’ve nothing to fear.
Take my hand: you’re strong and lithe, like a mer­maid,
sun­light flashing off your skin. See there, on the sker­ries?
I think you knew all along what you were doing here.
I think you called to me, with your sad eyes and seven teardrops
nigh on a year ago now. I think you knew all along what I was,
sea-green eyes and coral hair… our bodies salt-slick in the nights;
but now it’s time to return beneath the foam, my love,
and frolic in the depths as my selkie bride
come dawn, come day, come high tide.